A country with snowcapped mountains, protecting and overseeing hills, and calm terai .

Bunjee Jump


If you are an adrenaline rusher then you must come to Nepal in order to experience that feeling. If you want to remember the things you have done in your life and want to have smile on your face remembering that then you must feel this adventure.

You can experience the thrill of bungee form two places of Nepal. One from the suspension bridge of Bhotekoshi, Nepal-Tibet border 12Km from Kathmandu Valley, which will take nearly 3 hrs bus ride. The jump is about 160 meters into the Bhote Koshi river. Not only you feel the jump there but also you can fell the spectacular view and dense forest covering the cliff. Another from Pokhara which is Nepal’s first tower bungee that will take nearly 30 minutes from Lakeside Pokhara. The drop is 80 meters into a pond from a tower. You can view the sky kissed mountains and cliffs covered with greenery from the jump site.

Worlds second tallest bungee jump

Worlds second tallest bungee jump construction has completed 80% of its tasks which is located in Kushma, Parbat. The drop is 224 meters from a 520 meters suspension bridge.

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