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Holi in Nepal

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Holi, festival of colors, is one of the most popular festival of Nepal. It falls on the full moon day in the month of Falgun (according to Nepali Calendar ) and lasts for two days. People of Hilly and Himalayan parts of Nepal, celebrate Holi on the first day, and in Terai for the following day. There is no religion boundaries, age restrictions to celebrate this festival until and unless its safe. People celebrated this festival by throwing colors to each other and sometimes with “lolas” (water balloons).

According to Hindu myth, it is celebrated as a symbol of victory over the demon Holika. She was blessed by great powers from Lord Shiva and tried to kill her nephew Parhlad ; who is a big devote to Lord Bishnu. She tried hard to kill him though she was unsuccessful. Later she was killed by an avatar of Lord Bishnu called Hirandaykshyap (creature, neither a man nor an animal).

Holi is getting popular more and more than each year. Kids play by throwing water balloons to each other and other walkers from a week before the main day, while grown up people celebrate on the main day by exchanging colors with family, friends, colleagues and sometimes with pedestrians.

The way of celebrating Holi, nowadays is quiet changing over every parts of the country. Kids along with big colored water balloons, water sprayer and water filled plastics, though, youngsters gather in group and goes to Tudikhel or Kathmandu Durbar Square or Basantapur. They perform cultural dances and musics alongside with musical concerts. Since, everyone in the country wants to have colorful face in this festival, however some life taking accidents (usually with children) are happening every year.

Play safe, be safe. Happy Holi.


Celebrating Holi 2017

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