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Kheer is a rice pudding, made by boiling with milk and rice with addition of different flavors such as cashew, almond, coconut, cardamom, raisins and other dry foods. It is specially served as desert item.

In Nepal, Kheer has a special place in every Nepalese heart not only because of how good taste it has but we all are connected with it. When a baby is born and after 6 or 7 months of his/her age we have rice feeding ceremony. In that day we feed baby kheer and from that day we start to feed other foods to babies besides baby food.

Also, we celebrate “Kheer khane din” that is we have a day in a year where we prepare Kheer and celebrate that day as a festive day. According to Nepalese calendar it falls on Shrawan 15 (31 July).

Nepali cuisine – “Kheer” 

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