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New lake found in Nepal

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new lake in nepal

New lake found in Manang district of Nepal is set to be the worlds highest lake surpassing Tilicho lake. Currently, Tilicho lake is considered as the highest altitude lake in the world which is situated at an altitude of 4,919 meters (16,138 ft). A team of mountaineers discovered Kajin Sara lake few months back. This lake is situated at an altitude of 5,200 meters (17,060.37), which is yet to be verified. It is found that the lake is 600 meters wide and 1,500 meters long. If the altitude of the lake is above 5,000 meters then it will be the highest as well as new lake found in Nepal.

After few days of discovery, Lokendra Ghale, chairman of Chame Municipality, with his team visited the lake and said if the measurement is above 5,000 meters in altitude then it will be the new highest lake in the world. If those calculations are right then obviously it will be added on one of the wonders of world. Finally, it will be bonus for Nepal in tourism sector and helps to achieve the vision for VisitNepal2020.

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