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Nuwakot Durbar

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Nuwakot, central part of Nepal, located just 75 km west of Kathmandu. This place has quiet historical as well as religious significance. Nuwakot Durbar seven storey palace is one of them. Nuwakot made up of two words ‘nuwa’ means nine and ‘kot’ means sacred religious site at top of hill in Nepali. It is located in between nine hills and has a belief of nine hills protecting this place. King Prithivi Narayan Shah invaded Nuwakot which was ruling under some Malla King and later made his central ruling place. Later, he build a seven storey palace which was named as Nuwakot Durbar.

In recent days, Nuwakot Durbar has transform in the museum which was full of historical weapons and crafts used by King Prithivi Narayan Shah. Due to devastating earthquake some part of palace had been damaged and reconstruction is taking place.


Bhairabi Temple on south side of Durbar.

A small but beautiful Nuwakot Bazar on north side of Dubar

View of Trishuli Bazar from the top of Nuwakot located at east side

Plan a visit to Nuwakot Durbar?

can take a public vehicle which will take 4-5 hrs from Kathmandu Valley (75KM) with fare around RS. 350

you can rest at Trishuli or at Bidur which is also one of the best places to stay. You can enjoy rafting at Trishuli with fresh local fishes of Trishuli river

can pick a public vehicle from trishuli/bidur to reach your destination (Nuwakot Durbar) or hire bicycle or can walk while enjoying the beauty and dense forest of Nuwakot.

Also, don’t miss Devighat, a religious place of Nuwakot lies in the bank of Trishuli and Tadi river.

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