A country with snowcapped mountains, protecting and overseeing hills, and calm terai .


“Ever imagined flying like a bird, cold air kissing your cheeks with a bird view ?”

If you are an adventure seeker then I can definitely say Paragliding is in the top of your list. As Nepal is a full of high cold mountains and low valleys, you can have the unforgettable life experience doing paragliding over here. Flying takes place in between April and October and considered as better months to fly.

Paragliding sites in Nepal


Pokhara, one of the best tourism site of Nepal, which is also famous for paragliding. Sarangkot, flying spot, which will take 30min ride on a vehicle or you can hike as well to the north of Lakeside Pokhara. From there you can see three mountains over 8000m – Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu. The cost of paragliding in Pokhara is listed below.

Paragliding Cost For All Citizen with Photo & Video in Pokhara
Flight Type        Flight          Duration                    Cost               
     Cloud Buster (Regular Flight)            30 Minute$ 70
Cross Country60 Minute$ 110


Godavari is popular for hiking as well as for paragliding due to its rich wildlife and natural beauty. It is a beautiful garden with trees, ferns, flower, orchids and also popular for butterflies which can be seen while gliding above the place. It is about 10km far from Kathmandu.


The paragliding adventure offers great view of beautiful mountains, natural sceneries, bird-eye view of Kathmandu along with other attractions around Kathmandu. As you fly over the beautiful hills you will share the airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures and eagles. The adventure is carried out by trained and expert pilots. You may also choose solo and tandem flight to experience the paragliding from the hill top of Chapakharka (2100m).

Mountaineering in Nepal

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