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Shrawan Sankrati | Hindu Festival

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Shrawan is the fourth month in the Hindu Calender (July). The first day of Shrawan is Shrawan Sankrati. This month is known as the month of celebration and rituals and is committed to the Lord Shiva. It is a joyful making exercise after the bustling time of paddy estate. Also, family welcomes their wedded girls and sisters and celebrates together by devouring an assortment of celebration nourishment.

At night, individuals observe “Luto Phalne” function by consuming wood and a plant called “tite pati”, then people discard them by yelling “remove scabies” (Luto Laija) to avert the illness of scabies and the tingling it causes.

Celebrated with vivid Bangles(Red, Green and Yellow) and Mehendi

Shrawan isn’t the only month of greenery nature yet in addition the vivid wrist of Nepalese ladies. Both the wedded and unmarried ladies pick to stack their hands with red, green and yellow bangles. Also, they improve their palms with excellent plans of Mehendi/henna tattoos. The wedded ladies wear green bangles and embellish their palms with mehendi for the flourishing and welfare of the family while unmarried young ladies put it as a supplication for their satisfaction and an actual existence as brilliant and profound as the Mehendi itself.

Significant part of month Shrawan

Shrawan Sankrati

Monday Fast (Sombar Barta)

As a matter of fact, the fast starts at dawn on each Monday of this current month after the shower and other purging ceremonies of body and soul. Lord Shiva is implore back then and offering Bilva leaves, white blossoms, water, nectar and milk. The devotees visit Pashupatinath temple and other Lord Shiva temples in the first part of the day and the night. Afterward, the fast complete in the evening only after praying Lord Shiva.

It is accepted that the individuals who watch Sombar fasting will have their wants satisfied and will be honored with shrewdness. Likewise married ladies fasts for the success of their family as well as the long existence of her better half. In contrast, unmarried young ladies in anticipation of getting an attractive person, and for the individuals who already have boyfriends, making them spouses.

Bol Bam

Devotees from Nepal and India and other nation visit Bol Bam journey to offer their love to Lord Shiva in the month of Shrawan. It fundamentally begins with gathering water from Sundarijal and offers it to Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath Temple. The travelers yell out “Bol Bam” which signifies “Say Shiva” during the journey. The devotee run or walk barefoot for kilometers to reach the Pashupatinath Temple. for their great well being, riches and happiness. It is believed that taking part in Bol Bom rally grants the wishes of the pilgrims.

Rally in Bol Bam

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