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Swayambhunath (The Monkey Temple)

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Swayambhunath one of the ancient religious architecture located at west of Kathmandu Valley. It is also known as the Monkey Temple because in the north-west part of the temple there is huge number of monkeys living from the ancient times. There is a story which tells that how these monkeys were formed – head lice of Manjushri had turned into those monkeys. According to Swayambu Puran, once Kathmandu Valley was a huge lake which has a lotus flower in between of it. Manjushri came from China and found a different essence in that flower. He made a way to drain the lake by cutting a gorge at Chovar with his sword and the middle of the lake where lotus grew became the place where Swayambhunath temple lies.

Some monuments nearby Swayambhunath

Buddha Statue on the west side of temple.

Temple known as Haratimata (The goddess of all children).

The sleeping Buddha. (A statue of sleeping little Buddha).

The gold plated “Bajra”. (A weapon that symbolize the properties of both diamond and thunderbolt )

A view of Kathmandu Valley


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